The World of Electrical Engineering


An electrical engineer at a solar plant.

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that involves the study of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics. Notable development in the field commenced in the second half of the 19th century after the telegram and telephone were commercialized. Today electrical engineering has a lot of subfields which include power engineering, signal processing, electronics, computers, and telecommunications.

It should be noted that there is a slight difference between electrical engineering and electronics engineering. The latter deals with use of electricity to process information using electronic devices while electrical engineering is seen as a discipline intended to help people troubleshoot problems related to transmission of electric power.

Where Do People Study Electrical Engineering

To gain skill in the field, you have to attend a college or university which offers a course in electrical engineering. To any standards, the discipline is challenging and most institutions have stringent measures while admitting students into the faculty. Qualities like the capability to innovate and come up with creative ideas are highly recommended as most of the work requires application of the knowledge learned in both theory and practical classes. To qualify, an aspirant who wishes to pursue a career in electrical engineering must have scored high grades in mathematics and physical sciences.

What’s In Store

Most of the technology we have today relies on electricity. Engineers who successfully graduate from college will soon be entrusted with tasks such as designing complex power systems to improve national grids. Others will specialize in safety where they design better circuits for home and commercial applications.

As the world strives to conserve the environment, engineers in this field have recently been researching on energy conservation and are expected to innovate energy efficient devices and appliances. The 20th century saw many breakthroughs some of the most notable being development of LCD and other flat screen displays which consume less power than the conventional CRT. Other appliances like fridges, washing machines and HVAC systems which used to consume a lot of power in the past have also been improved over the years.

For sustainability, electrical engineers are always encouraged to put their focus on renewable energy. Solar power for instance has substantially reduced what most households used to spend on electricity bills. Engineers designed panels which are capable of powering an entire home or commercial enterprises and redirected the excess power back to the grid. Large companies like Google also fund research with anticipations that innovations will come up and allow them to power their complex machines without putting to much strain on the environment. One of such plans is to harness energy from ocean waves and use it to power some of their servers and data centers.

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Everyone knows that it would be impossible to run the world as it is now without electricity. As the population increases, more is being demanded although natural resources used to produce is it like coal and fuel are nearing depletion. To avoid feasibility problems in the future, the government needs to put more funds into research projects and offer lucrative incentives to those who wish to pursue electrical engineering.

Do you think you have what it takes to be an electrical engineer?


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