Electrical Engineering Students Rock!

If you want to learn more about what electrical engineering is, why not learn from what students in this field have to say about it. It’s truly amazing how these young kids have found passion at such a young age. I find it really inspiring to learn that these kids appear very confident about their direction in life and their place in the world. The field of electrical engineering needs more dynamic people like these, people who have a sense of purpose. That’s why I think electrical engineering students rock!

Watch the video below and see what electrical engineering students have to say about their chosen field of study.

I suggest that you also view another video below. This video also features students majoring in the field of electrical engineering.

The students gave their own personal insights which I thought were really valuable and inspirational to those who are interested in getting into this field.

Jose defines electrical engineering as:

“For me, it’s the heart of computer engineering because it’s what makes the computers work. So it’s very important to understand those basic concepts.”

Nathan shares his thoughts on what makes electrical engineering interesting:

“The most interesting thing is how fast the field is changing which is really interesting considering we’re at the heart of it; where all the research is being done …. We have the opportunity to be involved in projects like these with our professors that takes us to the cutting edge of technology.”

When asked what do you like about electrical engineering, here was John’s response:

“There are many different applications to the major which is one of the main reasons why I like it. I can start out in school and breakout now (I’m on my junior year) into a specific focus. And that’s one thing I like is that I have that ability to choose.”

Mat also shares what he likes about electrical engineering:

“It’s kind of magical because you have all these devices that you turn on and push the button and things happen and when you’re there, you’ll find out why it happens and hopefully, eventually, how all those things happen.”

Usamah and Arthur share what is rewarding about electrical engineering:

“I would like to work in my hometown to improve the condition so every home has electricity 24/7…”

“… we’ve worked so hard in class to learn everything, we could put it into something tangible that we could put our hands on. Show someone an equation in a book and like, that’s cool but what do you do it for? Then you show them something like you’ve used the equation or the principle on. That’s the coolest thing about electrical engineering is that you can actually put into something …”

These are young guys who seem to have it all figured out. They have chosen a field that they know can take them through the changing times. We need more kids like these. These kids have a purpose in life and they know that they can help the world in their future profession as electrical engineers. My hats off to you all. You guys rock!

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