A Bright Future Ahead For Electrical Engineering Graduates

Nowadays, there are a couple of cool kids that know the value of great education. Focused and determined, they are all excited to explore the world as electrical engineers. It’s also interesting to note that there are some amazing young ladies that are now in the field of electrical engineering.

Here are some cool chicks taking up electrical engineering.

Lauren McGee is a senior. As a kid, she had always been interested in math and science.

“I loved the idea of technology and how it keeps inventing.”

She has her eyes set on breast cancer detection.

“I’ve come to find out that I’m very interested in bio medical applications of electrical engineering. I love my area because I feel a sense of satisfaction by helping people, by creating new medical techniques and new medical equipment.”

Kim Cornett is a graduate student majoring in Integrated Circuit Design. She started out in mechanical engineering.

“I started learning about electrical engineering and started to realize that I kinda like this better. There was a lot more math, actually applying math to everyday life.”

She is looking into completing a master’s degree.

“I see myself, after I graduate with my master’s, probably doing something on a top-level design where I can use my engineering skills to make a system work.”

Then there’s Shama Huda, a senior.  She already sees a clear path ahead of her.

“After my master’s degree, I can pretty much choose whatever I want to go into; be it economics, any kind of engineering. I just think it has a very broad base.”

These amazing young ladies definitely have a deep appreciation and understanding of the diverse field of electrical engineering.

Endless Possibilities For Electrical Engineering Graduates

The possibilities are endless for electrical engineers. They can be employed in various industries such as construction, IT, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, to mention a few.  One thing for sure, electrical engineers can work in most sectors of engineering.

Dr. Fred Beyette, a professor in University of Cincinnati, describes the depth of electrical engineering in everyday life.

“Pretty much everything that we think of in our modern culture comes back to electrical engineering.”

Licensed To Push The Boundaries Of Science

As an electrical engineer, there’s just no end to what can be done. Ann Russell, a doctoral student, has this to say.

“The balance between those two things, delivering something that is useful to the public but at the same time getting the boundaries of science.”

With the boundaries of science always being pushed beyond limits, the field of electrical engineering becomes more extensive and endless.  Again Dr, Fred Beyette describes the bright future ahead for electrical engineers.

“It’s really endless and what’s really amazing about being in a technology field, is that everything I’ve listed today, there are ten times as many of those things that we don’t even know yet. By the time a high school student gets to starting their professional career there will be jobs doing things that we haven’t even imagined yet.”

There’s just no doubt that a degree in electrical engineering secures a promising career in the future.


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